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In 2003, Paint Protection Film was introduced to the  automotive market. Sun & Shade was literally the first company in Eastern Pennsylvania to be certified to install 3M Scotchgard Film, 3M was the innovator, and still remains the largest company in the film industry.  We continue to evolve with 3M, Premium Shield, STEK and in the early days, XPEL.  So many great films on the market.  Since 2003 we have installed what the customer asked for, we evolve with the Film Industry, always accumulating certifications, training and experience. 
These are exciting times in the film industry!  New products and new technologies emerge constantly and we continue to offer them to enthusiastic customers day in and day out. 3M Innovation is remarkable! 

The NEW 3M Pro Series Film is here and we are excited to show you how awesome it is.

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Sun & Shade Auto Salon

Detailing Window Tinting Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coatings

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