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We are trained and certified dealer applicator for all Optimum Polymer and Opti-Coat products


We offer a full line of Opti-Coat protection as well as several supplemental packages for interior, glass, leather, carpet protection; each coating we provide includes the Opti-Coat Warranty. 

The unique advantage to Opti-Coat Ceramic is that it bonds with the clear coat layer of your paint, creating a bond of protection that does not wear off.  Competitors products are applied in multiple layers and create a hard shell layer on the paint, not in the paint, the gloss and longevity are achieved using both multiple layers ($) and an annual maintenance applications, some of which are mandatory to retain the warranty. 


Opti-Coat does not require annual maintenance to secure the warranty or longevity.


Each application receives our thorough attention, the exterior packages start with a detail plus decontamination wash, minor paint correction, clay bar, Opti-Coat polish and prep to assure the paint is ready for coating, the interior applications receive thorough cleaning and prep to assure cleanliness and protection.


Exterior Ceramic Protection

Opti Paint Guard;   Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating designed to protect the paint surface from bird lime, acid etching and other corrosive substances. Optimum Paint Guard will produce a harder than factory finish that is noticeably easier to maintain and is more resistant to the paint damage that can occur as a result of daily cleaning processes.  This is a 2-3 year product, Optimum recommends re-application after that time. It is VERY glossy, prices starting at $499 plus tax for a standard Sedan.  Larger vehicles increase to $599 and $699.

Opti-Coat Pro;  Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic clear coating warrantied for up to 5 years with superior resistance to scratching (9H), chemical etching, fading due to UV, and provides outstanding release properties.  The Opti-Coat Pro pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, that forms a clear coat finish.  Opti-Coat Pro has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints, carries a 5-year warranty, NO re-application, one coat of the pro resin, outstanding hydrophobic properties plus 20% gloss enhancement. Prices start at $999 plus tax for a standard Sedan.  Larger vehicles increase to $1099 and $1199.  Motorcycles and Wave-runners $699

Opti-Coat Pro-Plus; this is the best coating, similar properties to the PRO resin but applied over the PRO, the PRO + carries a 7-year warranty, applied in a timed application.  This provides outstanding hydrophobic properties plus 30+ % gloss enhancement, and paint warranty.  Prices start at $1499 plus tax for a standard Sedan.  Larger vehicles increase to $1599 and $1699.  Motorcycles and Wave-runners $999

Pro and Pro + levels include the outside wheel faces (some finishes are not eligible for coating).  Entire wheel coating is available for an additional charge of $200

Interior Ceramic Protection

Opti Leather; This is a lifetime application, provides unmatched liquid and stain protection to all leather and smooth interior surfaces.  Application does also provide UV protection and prolongs the effects of drying that occurs in natural leather.  Leather Protection is priced at $599.

Opti Fabric; similar to the leather protection, this is applied to all soft fabric and carpet surfaces.  This is a lifetime application, provides unmatched liquid and stain protection to all soft fabric and carpet interior surfaces.  Application does also provide UV protection, water and stain resistance.  Fabric Protection is priced at $599.

Ceramic Glass Protection

Opti-Glass is a revolutionary glass sealant and super-hydrophobic resin that is applied to exterior glass surfaces.  Anyone who has used a product like Rain-X will understand how water sheets from the window at driving speeds.  Opti-Glass takes that to a new level with super-hydrophobic properties and longevity.  It is a multi-year application and takes about 1 hour to apply. Prices start at $59.99 for the front glass and the side and read glass can be added for $100.00 more. 

Please note: Optimum Polymer sets all pricing and "MAP" (minimum advertised pricing), we do not have control of pricing and no discounts are allowed as we set our pricing at their minimum allowed levels.  This is not a Sun & Shade policy but set by Optimum.  Our installers are trained and certified, we as a company also have "Certified" status.  Please keep these credentials in mind as you shop local dealers.

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