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Sun & Shade Auto Salon

Detailing Window Tinting Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coatings

These terms are agreed to by the customer when scheduling the appointment online and further bound by inspecting the vehicle at pick-up and completing the payment process

Product Warranty is specifically limited to quality and performance of the product itself as determined by the manufacturer. Damage to the film at any time by the user, vehicle operation, 3rd party, dealership or vehicle defect is not covered by any warranty, unless the customer purchased the additional damage warranty.  Sun & Shade only provides warranty service for our own customers - proof of service is required.


If there are concerns about the quality of installation we must be notified within 14 days and we require the opportunity to remedy these issues. In the unlikely event we cannot meet your expectations a refund would be considered as the solution but not without this due-process and never without our prior inspection of or removal of the product.  If the customer modifies or removes the product, or goes to another company for remedy without our consult, there are no refunds and there are no exceptions.


Sometimes customers change their mind after the fact or simply don't like their decision to buy the product.  We stand behind our work but we cannot be financially responsible for unrealistic expectations or buyers remorse. In some cases customer expectations for the product exceed the reality of the process or products, or the fit on your vehicle is not what you expected. In many cases we are limited by the pre-designed patterns and kits we use to cut the films. 


Payment is required at the time of service on retail customers, wholesale accounts and dealerships must adhere to Agreed Terms. 


Warranty is subject to our inspection of the proposed defect before any corrective action is taken, no support will be given if the customer removes the product we install or refuses our corrective action. 


Sometimes immediately after installation an edge or corner will peel or roll due to adhesion, weather, car wash pressure, etc.  Every customer wants the visible edge of the film to perfectly correspond with the edge of the window or body. Sometimes an edge that is that tight will peel or roll. In this instance, we must be notified of this problem within 14 days of installation.


All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of service or receipt.  


We must be notified within 14 days of the installation date of ANY defects.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

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