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We provide a “Customer Service” and cannot in any way be liable for the ultimate legality of the vehicle before or after our service is performed.  Laws and codes change frequently and are readily available online for your review.  

A good resource for these laws is the I.W.F.A (international window film association) and the link to their site is here

Due to the inherent contradictions in PA State Vehicle Code 175.263.(a) and PA State Inspection Code we are not responsible for the ultimate legality or your film selections. We desire to see every customer remain within the desires of Law Enforcement and PA Codes. Each customers vehicle is used differently and the need/desire/requirement for the application of tinting varies with the combinations of other accessories which may or may not be legal.

We do  not tint full windshields, just the sun strip at the top. More Here

Current Vehicle Code only states that the Driver / passenger need to be seen (visible) from the outside of the vehicle. Each vehicles appearance and subsequent drivers’ ability to be seen varies greatly with time of day, interior color, size of windows and degree of tinting. Please consider each of these factors in selecting the film for your vehicle and be prepared to live with those specific legalities.

We agree with and respect the rights of Law Enforcement Agencies to see inside the vehicles and appreciate their service to the public . Customers ultimate selections do not necessarily reflect our own views or choices. Prior to Scheduling an appointment we suggest that you contact those who inspect your vehicle an or your police department for specific legalities. We cannot and will not guarantee that any vehicle will or will not be “legal” as there are no clear boundaries for that statement, please know that you are accepting the risk and by paying for this application you acknowledge the risk and there are no refunds or exchanges for legality or changing your mind.

There are no exceptions to the above, and the accuracy of the PA Codes is only true to the date this data was researched, please check for updates on your own.

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